My Career

I attended the Hornsey College of Art in London studying Art/Graphic Design/Photography.

I was a student at the renowned Royal College of Art, Film and Television School in Kensington,

London where I received a Master of Arts degree. I worked in London with various producers,

photographers, editors. I was usually an assistant but I took a job as a camera assistant on a

low budget film and managed not to expose the film by opening the can! I had made that

mistake, thankfully, in film school.

I was invited to the USA from England to teach filmmaking at the Minneapolis College of

Art & Design working alongside people such as Roman Polanski and the famous sculptor,

Isamu Noguchi. I taught film production and film aesthetics there for two years.

Since then I have been mostly freelancing as a director/cameraman, director of photography

and editor, although I was employed full time by a few film production companies.

My experience over the years has enabled me to travel extensively filming diverse subject matter

in education, industry, science, technology and natural history.

One of my most interesting and challenging assignments was to shoot a film on insect physiology

and behavior - peering into their eyes through macro lenses. It required me to be patient and

technically astute. "Insects -Secrets of an Alien World" netted dozens of worldwide awards

including the Audubon Society first place award for Conservation and Ecology. It was

screened at the Cannes Film Festival, the Trieste Film Festival, the Czechoslovakian Film

Festival, the Hungarian Film Festival and the American Film Festival. To date, it has been the most

challenging and rewarding projects I have been engaged in. It took about 400 days to shoot

over a period of 2 years. The BBC presented the film to over 40 million television viewers and called

upon me to photograph intricate portions of the series, "Living Planet", hosted by David Attenborough,

as well as other natural history programs.